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  1. What size tyres are you running ?
  2. The race is on!
  3. What do you take camping? Fridge, esky(s) or both?
  4. Who thinks Dave_str has the best Avatar?
  5. Where are you ?
  6. Auto or manual?
  7. What fuel brand do you use ?
  8. What do you drink ?
  9. What series Navara do you drive ?
  10. Highest licence grade?
  11. Which tyres?
  12. whats ya poisen ?.....who drinks wot?????
  13. What internet speed are you on ?
  14. does dave start poll's to get more posts?
  15. Why is your Navara at the state it is ?
  16. What chip do you have installed, if any?
  17. Time for a new poll, Beach or Mountain's ?
  18. What type or Navara does Santa drive?
  19. How long did your standard nissan battery last?
  20. How old are you ?
  21. See who can beat me in breath test's.
  22. Should smokers pay for everyones hospital's ?
  23. Who likes kebabs
  24. The most tallented singer of all time.
  25. Should Dave buy a Warn 9500XP ?
  27. Best tray type for tradies
  28. should a date be cancelled by SMS ?
  29. nrl premiers 2010
  30. How many cylinders do you prefer ?
  31. V6 Diesel Motor in Navara D40
  32. Bathurst time again.
  33. Should diamonds be kept for cutting tools ?
  34. What engine you got ?
  35. Who has started christmas shopping ?
  36. Would you buy a car off a chick ?
  37. What brand suspension are you running?
  38. Carbon Tax. Want it ?
  39. Perth to Kakadu - essential D22 mods
  40. What Paint colour for my Navara!
  41. New poll time. Would you buy a King Cab D22 ?
  42. National Navara Muster. Poll.
  43. Footwear whilst driving your Nav?
  44. What brand of gauge do you have, if any?
  45. How do you drive on average ?
  46. Which vehicle should RLI buy next?
  47. So what is your preferred beer?
  48. Yet another Dave Poll. Brand loyal ?
  49. Texting or Sexting. How often ?
  50. Should Krafty start more threads ?
  51. How do you like your meat ?
  52. Should DAVE stop posting POLLS ?
  53. PayPal or not PayPal
  54. ?
  55. Lost or Found
  56. have you done the egr mod in your d22?
  57. sparras first poll
  58. Do you smoke?
  59. Who would you want on your team?
  60. Who would you want in your corner??
  61. ps3 or xbox 360?
  62. Macca's or Hungry Jack's?
  63. Home Ice Cream.
  64. Gay Marriage.
  65. Where Is Dave?
  66. How long have you been at your current job?
  67. Organ donor.
  68. Should Clarke have kept betting for the record.
  69. How Superstitious Are You?
  70. Has Warney Turned into a Knob?
  71. Should ex-Navara owners still be accepted socially!
  72. Should Police Pursuits Be Stopped
  73. do you get hypnotized by Dave's avatar?
  74. to smack or not to smack
  75. best all terrain in the wet
  76. Who do you want in for pm of Australia?
  77. What afl team are you ?
  78. Should I Create a New Poll with No Specific Question?
  79. D21, D22, D40 tally
  80. Krafty. Is he a dirty dirty Post Whore ?
  81. Is it wrong to give kids toy guns?
  82. D22 vs H3
  83. What All Terrain (not Muds) tyres are you running now or looking to buy?
  84. State of origin
  85. Supermarkets, who do you use.
  86. Optus or Telstra?
  87. What heater do you use?
  88. Did you watch the moon landing live?
  89. August's Truck Of The Month
  90. August's Truck Of The Month
  91. Weathershields. You a fan.
  92. What did Krafty and Fatboy do when the forum was down.
  93. Its almost that time, well wishful thinking.
  94. How much notice for the Muster do you require?
  95. Format of the 2013 Muster be the same as 2011 Muster.
  96. oil change intervals
  97. Should Nurses be given Veterans Allowance
  98. Federal Election
  99. religious beliefs
  100. King Gee, Hard Yakka or ???
  101. Engine mods, which order?
  102. Melbourne 4x4 show
  103. Roadside service; who?
  104. All terrain tyres
  105. HJ