View Full Version : MY08 2.5 Diesel Fuel Filter

01-04-2009, 09:36 PM
Posted on Club Frontier as well:

I'm heading off on a 10 week trek across Aus on 28 Jun and currently getting some 'consumables' together to take with me for that "just in case" occasion. Looking at the fuel filter on my truck it seems to be a completely sealed unit and when I asked my local dealer about getting a fuel filter they said not to worry as this won't require servicing in the time I'm away and BTW they are approx $180 each 'cause they have all these sensors yada yada yada.....can anyone tell me the facts for this year model? Knowing my previous altercations with "Murphy" I'm guessing that thei non-servicable filter will be the first thing that cocks up if'n I pick up some shitty diesel in one of those out of the way places in the Great Aussie Outback.