View Full Version : 1986 2x4 Diff Question!

16-06-2011, 01:54 PM
Hey there! Look forward to many posts on the site, so heres my first one to start...

I just picked up a single cab '86 2x4 with the 2.4L carby motor. It's in bloody good shape, apart from the diff whining it's head off!

I did a quick search but haven't found a nice answer so here's the question - will any of the the diffs out of later model Navaras, or even other Nissans fit my car.

Preferably i'd like the whole rear axle assy, but will swap just the centre if its easier for me to find one. I've been to a few wreckers now and I'm having a hard time finding a car of my vintage!

My diff is the type with the removable cover at the back of the housing if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give!

16-06-2011, 02:51 PM
You have a C200 rear diff (salisbury type).

You can fit a D21 or D22 rear axle, they should be interchangeable or at worst you can swap some parts around to make it fit.

You could also use parts from a 4x4 axle, though it starts getting a bit complicated as the 4x4 axles are spring-over-axle and six stud, so it may be best to stick to the 4x2s. I've seen a fair few of the V6 D21 Navaras being wrecked around, they're not always in Melbourne (click (http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/WRECKING-NISSAN-NAVARA-D21-93-MODEL-PARTS-SALE-ONLY-/320714948153?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4aac19be39)) but sometimes they are and if you're desperate enough then freight is always possible.