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spiezzy 17-01-2019 05:14 AM

STX550 not Engaging Manual mode??? Solved yeehhhh
hi there to all and happy new year and hope you all had a great Xmas
I have a 2011 stx550 V6 Diesel and the issue I am having is it won't go into Manual or Sports mode it is intermittent some times it does sometimes it does'nt but today it refuses to work otherwise it runs perfect just wondering if there is a switch or sensor or something failing any help would be greatly appreciated many thanks
cheers Pete

spiezzy 22-01-2019 08:06 AM

I ended up going to a auto Transmission specialist and he put a machine on my vehicle and found it is a Manual Switch Failure .
he is going to work out where this switch is exactly and change it just not sure if it is in the selector or in/on the gear box

spiezzy 27-01-2019 12:05 AM

hello to all I have still had no luck with this the transmission specialist can't seem to locate where this switch is that activates the manual selection my guess its in the gear selector mechanism which properly means you have to purchase the whole selector $$$$$$ any ideas where to find this switch would be greatly appreciated
cheers Pete

Old.Tony 27-01-2019 10:52 AM

If you've got the 7-speed auto it's the same box they put in the 370Z. Might pay to mention that to any auto trans people you speak to. I bet there are more 370Z owners having issues with manual mode ... wait a sec.

I'm currently in Bathurst for the 12 Hour. Since I'm working in pit lane, and there are at least two 370Zs entered, I'll be able to ask the crew if they have an answer - as long as they and I get time. I'm learning the ropes for Pit Chief so I can be deputy at an event later this year, so I'm doing inspections and assessments of pit lane on Wednesday, and from Thursday onwards I'm working at pit exit.

I'll see if I can find you an answer. Hopefully it won't be "yeah we rip those things out and put Holingers in!"

spiezzy 28-01-2019 09:07 AM

Wow thanks Tony that would be great if you could do that
have a great time at Bathurst
cheers Pete

Old.Tony 31-01-2019 11:30 AM

I tried two garages today, none of the guys knew about that detail (and one was a Skyline GTR anyway), they have gearbox specialists and they just take spare boxes with them. I'm not even sure they're the same box, the guys just go "we drop in the spare if there's a problem".

There's another garage further down from where I work - almost all the way, actually, it's around garage 32-34 and I work just beyond garage 1. Not that I mind the walk, garage 35 i currently housing a Brabham. And bloody hell it's a nice car. Let me give you an idea how nice ...

Last year's 12 Hour saw Chaz Mostert get pole position in 2:01.something which was bloody quick but not quite the record set by Shane Van Gisbergen in a McLaren 650S of around 2:01.5 (the V8 Supercars in qualifying trim have just managed to sneak under the 2:04 mark).

At Challenge Bathurst last November, Audi released a V10 monster to the track and the best time they could manage (with the car in normal race spec) was 2:02.something. When they dropped 65kg of weight and removed the inlet restrictors, they broke the 2:00 mark.

Now this Brabham is CRUISING around the circuit - pushed hard, but could be pushed a fair bit harder - and was popping 2:02s.

Absolutely phenomenal. And it sounds bloody wicked. I've got a small video I took as I leaned through the fence but I am restricted to personal use only (no public disclosure). Will have to see what I'm allowed to do with it post-race.

Anyway, I'll try again tomorrow.

Old.Tony 03-02-2019 12:17 PM

And the answer is ... they don't know, they've never had a problem with it switching modes and if it did, they'd send the box to a gearbox repairer.

I might have better luck at Challenge Bathurst in late November 2019, but I'm willing to bet you want an answer sooner! Most of the 370Z drivers were privateers at last year's event. We asked if he was worried about our little guy (who was getting a pic taken in the 370Z) touching stuff inside and his response was an eye opener. "We buy these cars knowing that we could drive them into a wall at 200km/h, we're not worried about what one kid might do inside when the keys are here" and he held up his hand with them.

However, a lot of these guys do all their own work on the cars and they really do know them backwards, so if you found a racetrack somewhere near you and looked up the schedule, you could try going down and asking some of the guys (if they're running privateer events). The teams that were here at the 12 Hour were international teams bringing BIG money to the event, with significant investment by Audi and Mercedes. Audi actually sent factory techs down for this event, they wanted to "cream the field". They were plagued with issues though, the R8 GT3 cars not able to maintain the pace alongside others. The big surprise was Aston Martin who entered two cars which looked great and went greater.

Sorry, that doesn't help a lot but might give you an avenue of inquiry.

spiezzy 21-02-2019 09:42 AM

hi there Tony thank you so much for trying to find an answer to this issue I have found where the Manual switch is it is in the selector unit it self and is not serviceable it is just a micro switch there are 3 of them in the unit one for Smode and the other 2 are for manual up and down shift .
I had a mate who had a spare unit and was in new condition so I installed it and it worked for a couple of days and then went back to not working all the time its weird it won't work for days and then all of a sudden it comes back I have check all the wiring and connectors but nothing .I am now wondering if it is a ECU software issue anyway it still goes great guns regardless just not towing thank again for your help Tony hope you enjoyed Bathurst sounds like you did
cheers Pete

spiezzy 03-03-2019 04:04 AM

thought i would do an update I think I have narrowed it down to between the selector unit and the combination meter cluster as the signal is sent from the selector to the combination cluster meter then to the TCM (Transmission Control Module ) which is located in the transmission it self I have learnt that the Combination Cluster meter has a self diagnostic mode by pressing and holding the clock button in as you turn the ignition on pretty clever .
but I would not have thought the combination cluster would have had anything to do with this issue so I am just trying to work out my next step
cheers Pete

Old.Tony 03-03-2019 07:22 AM

That's extraordinary that they send the signal to the combination meter. That gives us another avenue to look at.

Nissan have often shared the earth point for the stereo with the combination meter (instrument panel). Making a change in the stereo (or if the stereo's earth develops a fault) causes power to flow through the combination meter and instead of out through the earth, it flows through the stereo and then to earth (or vice versa). This causes all sorts of weird problems with the instrument panel.

The test for this is to simply earth the body of the stereo to one of the bolts that hold the dash to the vehicle bodywork. If that works, make the connection permanent = problem solved!

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