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ASIA Rocsta 2.2Ltr diesel (Mazda now)
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Vehicle Name ASIA Rocsta 2.2Ltr diesel (Mazda now)
Year 1994
Make ASIA Rocsta
Model SWB soft top (now with f/glass hard top cab only)
Color Battleship grey
1994 ASIA Rocsta SWB soft top (now with f/glass  hard top cab only)
History Bought new in 1994 as Jeep was not on market then. Wanted closes as possible to WW2 Jeep/Ford 4x4.$22g. Simple with no yuppie frills. No air/ No auto/ No mattress springs/ No pow steer (I eat Weet Bix™) / Removable doors/ FWH's. As diffs are model of Dana™ at the time I was able to get Detriot™ lockers. Now just got the front one so can disconnect it with free wheel hub.
Removed all the stuck on plastic style strips, built a wall behind driver with a lift up window, made a alum checker plate deck to stash stuff under in rear 'pick up' area, DIYed a box steel (RHS) swing out tire carrier for the larger spare tyre, lifted fr/rear by *", front steel TJM (Modified to fit) bullbar, fold down lite bar on lifted roll bar, 4xCiebes, threw out rear bumper, made steel one

Trashed smoke liter. UHF CB radios fitted. Seat belt type straps replace doors when in mud. 2 x vertical rubber pin on guards fir on door hinge pins to stop entry of mud at speed. Fitted passenger 'panic' handle as you need it when I drive. Fitted 2 x lift up roof flaps for 'nature' air con.

In-Car Entertainment
Don't need any. Just listen to the little diesel singing its song & hear the muddies protesting on the black top. They want mud. There is a junkie radio you can hear when stopped. Fitted extra good quality temp & oil gauges to protect the second engine. Had Bose boxes & Alpine stacker but just use iPod now if we really need other noise.

Under the Hood
Nothing need changing except I cooked the first engine thanks to a stick through the radiator and lousy temp gauge. Running a used,from Japan Mazda JR 2.2ltr diesel, which is same basicily as original donk. Have had original re-conditioned to new so have magreat spare.

Got new non OEM lifted Australian made springs and did a few other secret things to lift it up for the 14" ( 355mm) wide TSL Swamper / Boggers I got from State side. These are only run off road in mainly black soil 'melon holes' for fun. Have had rig the Brooklyn NSW twice & Emu Creek comp once. LCMP lots of times. Moving down that way soon so lookout LCMP. More fun.

Wheel and Tire
Two sets of special rubber for off road & mud. Both sets ex USA. Swamper Boggers and TSL for some on road work. On board compressor for airing down. Took the rig towing our magic Aussie Swag camper to the heavy sand tracks at Five Rocks just north of tropical Yeepoon near Rockhampton. Fun in the sand. Bit light to tow camper with full water tank in sand. Got towed. Need wide aired down tires on camper.
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