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Originally Posted by Maddo71 View Post
Hi Dazza,
I have a 2008 D40 and when I park nose down a steep driveway I have a similar issue. Happens when I have less than quarter tank of fuel. It is not that the fuel drains back as mine starts ok but like you mentioned by the time you put belt on etc it has used the fuel in the lines and I have to get it on a level surface and prime the filter. Only happens when low fuel and steep drive nose down.

So that leads me to think it is internal pickup and tank design. As I don't let my tank get that low it normally is not a problem.

Hope that helps.
i know this is late but it may help someone.

running out of fuel when on steep angles and low fuel is a tank issue.
i believe the fix they did for it was to change the angle of the return pipe in the tank. i presume that it would put fuel next to the intake pipe. good for not running out of fuel but lousy for fuel cooling.
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