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CV joint.
Old 17-05-2020, 02:54 AM
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Default CV joint.

Hi all - has anyone done a CV joint replacement?
The one on the prop shaft in front of the diff.
Mine currently sounds like a budgie!

Suggested parts?
Anything to look out for?

The service manual make it look pretty easy. Do I need a press?
If I yank the shaft out of the auto, does/will it spew fluid?

Many thanks!

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Old 18-05-2020, 05:31 AM
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I think you mean the universal joint (on the propeller shaft, transfer case to differential)? The CV joint (constant velocity) is on the end of the front axle only.

The unis should be able to come out without removing the end from the gearbox/transfer case, they are held in by 4 bolts on the outer part of the uni and just come away. Use paint to mark both sides of the joint before disassembly and realign the paint marks on reassembly (the shafts are balanced).

If you do mean the CVs, you need to pop the front wheels off etc etc. It's an unbolt for the most part but pulling the front axle itself is aided by a tool with a sliding weight to hammer it out.

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