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Good morning all, looking at upgrading my 2010 D40 had enough of it to be honest. Just wondering what people's thoughts on the 2017 D23 series 2 are? If there is many main concerns about them. Obviously after a few problems with the D40 I have a few worries.
Basically all I will be doing is going up the beach and out in the open country nothing really serious atm.
Thank you in advance guy's.
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what happened with your d40?
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Welcome aboard Sippo. I have a series 2 D23 and just ticked over 8,000klm without any issue at all. I do around 1k a week, so knock them up pretty quickly. It is by far the best riding and most comfortable ute I've owned. As for gripes, like all auto diesels if you leave them in auto and sink the slipper in they rev too high before changing, but every auto diesel I've owned does that. One day some manufacturer may resolve that issue. I don't like the fact it doesn't have an outside temp reader but hey, when I get out it's either hot or cold so who really cares that much in the scheme of things. The LED headlights are great on low beam, shitte on high (not that great a distance) so I put some HID's on it, that certainly fixed that issue hahaha. I was a bit concerned about the fact it has a DPF as I've had issues with them in the past, but honestly, in 8K I've noticed the instant fuel readout jump up once when it did a burn. I do mainly highway running and run at around 6.2 to 6.6 litres per 100 klm not towing, in hilly country around 6.8 and around town it jumps to 7.2. 6.0 litres per 100klm is the best I've managed. Keep in mind I don't flog it. I do the speed limit but don't drive it like a sports car and normally run at a weight of 2.3 ton with just me in it and my gear (I have a weighbridge at work). It is getting better on fuel as I get more klm on it. I've got a mate at work with an RX single turbo and he is getting as low as 5.9L/100klm and he loves his, same as me, he says it is easily the most comfortable ute he's had as well and is seriously thinking of trading their Prado and buying an ST for his wife. Nobody can really tell you what to do because everybody has a different experience with their car but I definitely do not regret going with the Navara series 2 over the competition. Good luck with your decision.
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Im currently looking at the Series 2 ST-X. They are a nice bit of kit with all the nicesties.

I've had TONNES of issues with my D40 - most owners have. We either embrace it, or burn them to the ground :)

If you're after a comparison Ute, do yourself a favour and check out the NEW Triton Exceed. They have *really* upped the game and for $10k less you get the same kit as the ST-X. I know the stigma of the Triton, but Mitsubishi now has the same running gear as the Pajero in them - and it's won tonnes of awards over the years.
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