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Engine Watchdog.
Old 02-10-2018, 09:22 AM
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Default Engine Watchdog.

I recently installed a couple of gadgets to the old girl. One of these http://enginewatchdog.com/tm1.html to monitor temperature and one of these https://daviescraig.com.au/product/l...it-12-24v-1035 to warn of burst cooling hoses etc. Got 'em for roughly $130 each kit. Thought it was a good idea as I do a bit of remote area and off road travel.

There are plenty of different versions/brands of this type of sensor around, and it'll probably be of little interest to those with egt gauge, but I opted for one of these rather than a quality temperature gauge because of the alarm function (and it was probably cheaper than a quality gauge/sender). The other thing I like is that it bolts to the motor and measures the temperature of the metal rather than the coolant.

The low level alarm was a simple thing too. Simply cut and join it into the top radiator hose. It has a small float switch (guessing it is a reed type) similar (but smaller) to the one under the fuel filter. So no worries about electrolysis.

So far the highest temp reached is 86 deg C. That was putting the boot into it from about 80kph - 110 or more to get around traffic up a rather extended rise on the freeway. Though I also gave the radiator fins a good blow out with compressed air (releasing an awful lot of insects, grass seeds and dust lol). In normal driving it sits between 76-82 deg C. Have driven a bit of mountainous terrain loaded up and so far 85 deg is the highest. Though ambient temps haven't been that high yet.

I notice that at idle after warmed up it always finds it's way to 84 deg and sits there. Whether it's lower or higher than that when I stop. Sounds about right as the thermostat starts opening at 76.5 C and is fully open at 96 C according to the manual. I also notice that these things take a lot longer to warm up than the gauge indicates. The gauge says it's warm when it is in the early 40's and never moves after that. In reality, on a coolish day it can take well over half an hour for these things to reach operating temperature.

Would be interesting if anyone has an accurate gauge on their D22 (zd30) what temps they normally run at. The factory gauge has never wavered whether I'm trudging through sheeting snow or struggling up very steep 4wd tracks in 1st-2nd gear low range for hours on a 44 deg day. Simply gets to a bit under half and never moves. I get the feeling they are about as much genuine use as the "warning light" some cars have. Will be interesting to see what temps it really runs at.
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Old 02-10-2018, 10:19 AM
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It is commonly referred to as the idiot gauge... I've used an OBD2 scantool and torque app on my android phone on my 2010 D22 and have noticed as you have said above. Normal range on the gauge is about 40c and it didn't move over its half way mark when the ecu was seeing coolant temp at 94c and displaying this through the torque app. That's the hottest I've seen mine, on the great central road near the end of January a couple of years ago. Aircon never stopped and from memory the highest intake temp I saw was around 46c when moving, didn't check to see what it got up to when stopped.

For the zd30, there are a couple of options for ecu reading tools. I believe the easiest one is the scangauge that has a small LCD screen and control panel that sits on the dash.

I think some of the guys on here have managed to get a phone app, Nissan data scan, working with an obd adaptor but the zd30 isn't fully OBD2 compliant, so the cheap generic ones won't work...

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