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Popping 5th after clutch replacement
Old 06-10-2017, 11:54 AM
tas_richo tas_richo is offline
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Default Popping 5th after clutch replacement

Hi All,

Just had my clutch replaced in a workshop and now 5th gear is popping out without any load on it. I can pretty much get it to do it every time on a nice smooth road take it up to about 2300 revs and let the car coast and once it hits approx 2000-2100 she pops out of gear.

Now I've found there have been some service bulitens put out about this specific problem and appears to be a misalignment problem but my workshop is very keen to shift the blame to something else.

Prior to clutch replacement it wasn't doing it and it was already running a solid flywheel. They have agreed to look at it and if it is an alignment issue they'll wear labour, if it's something else I'll wear it which appears fair.

I did put in a cheap SMF clutch kit from the UK and am curious to know if that could be contributing to the problem? I'm thinking that possibly my input shaft could be worn and curious to know if an unbalanced flywheel could also cause what is happening ?
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Old 10-07-2019, 03:06 AM
charliethedog charliethedog is offline
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most likely the alignment dows are either missing or are deformed, its a known fault.
if it wasn't piping out before the clutch replacement
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