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Touring Utility Registration Change
Old 13-07-2017, 05:05 AM
Huddington Huddington is offline
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Default Touring Utility Registration Change

Hi all, long time reader of this forum, soaking in as much info as possible. I recently had my registration changed to Touring Utility, rather than Commercial Utility (in SA), but struggled in the lead up to find any relevant information on what was required for the change. Thought I would share my experience for anyone considering the change, as it takes registration costs from $295 a quarter, down to $191. I have a canopy with 3 windows, drawers covering 2/3 of the tub, a fridge in the back next to the drawers, and a roof top tent. The inspection and change can be done at Service SA, so no need to book and pay for an inspection at Regency. Upon going to Service SA (formerly Motor Reg), I was told there were four main criteria they inspect; there must be windows surrounding the tub, there must be carpet (my drawers are covered in marine carpet), there must be permanent bedding which can not just be pulled out after use (RTT), and your ability to carry big loads must be significantly reduced. The inspection officer came out and looked in the back for a few minutes, saw the carpet, RTT, windows and reduced cargo area, checked my VIN number then gave me the all clear. Took a total of 5 minutes. She didn't mention the fridge, but I'm sure it would've helped in making it appear that my cargo space is reduced, and the vehicle is a 'tourer'. I hope this is helpful for anyone wondering what is required.
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Old 13-07-2017, 12:49 PM
Aaron31 Aaron31 is offline
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Strewth - and I thought VIC rego was expensive!!!
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Old 14-07-2017, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Aaron31 View Post
Strewth - and I thought VIC rego was expensive!!!
hope the bill comes with a sachet of vaseline
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Old 27-07-2017, 11:06 AM
silvernavman silvernavman is offline
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Thanks. I'm in SA too and have recently enquired and they said the same. It's the permanent bedding thing that's got me at the minute because I don't have a rtt.

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