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Old 22-05-2017, 01:02 AM
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Bit of a update since Fraser at the beginning of the month

Trip was good however i had a few issues, Water line got a hole in it, Electrical issues & clutch line decided it would pop a pin sized whole in the rubber causing no pressure on the clutch.

The water hose was touching on the chassis of the vehicle ( which i thought rubbed through) but after a closer look it was black around the leak. The new electrical system i put in the back didnt have enough Earthing. figured out that the Water hose ( being a stainless flexy hose) was giving the DC Charger a good enough earth while the battery was full. after having the fridge on over night before we left and starting the car the dc charger must have required a bit of thump into the battery which need amps and obviously the water hose wasnt strong enough to cope with the amp draw and it burnt out causing the plastic hose to melt and have a leak.

Bec was driving on Fraser Sunday all day with no issues. Pulled into camp put her foot on the clutch and it wouldnt pop out of gear. eventually pulled it out and the peddle stayed on the floor. quick look in the engine bay couldnt see anything, crawled under neath and saw the line and fresh fluid on it. pulled it off clean it up. quick walk around the camp. Mark gave me some rescue tape, Tim got me some electrical tape and double wall heat shrink. about 20mins later and a bleed of the system the clutch was back and semi working. drove home on the Monday which out using the clutch only for first or reverse.

Got a new Braided Clutch line Last week, and fixed all the Issues yesterday. Currently testing the new earth lead. have had the fridge on and the panel on it over night so seeing how it all will go this arvo. fingers crossed it will be working A OK
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