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2002 VG30e 3.0L Fuel consumption problem
Old 08-09-2019, 04:01 AM
Alexander-Antony Alexander-Antony is offline
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Default 2002 VG30e 3.0L Fuel consumption problem

Bought a 2002 2WD d22 automatic with 400thousand ks on it a few months ago and im noticing fuel consumption is through the roof i checked the last tank and got 400km from a full tank and its a 75ltr tank i think.
is there something wrong with the car or is this normal? i've heard they are thirsty but this is ridiculous.
also its got canopy and roof racks so im thinking about removing them for less weight.
using 91 unleaded.
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Old 08-09-2019, 05:29 AM
KevinE KevinE is offline
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Hi Alexander-Antony,

That is high, but not unexpected I reckon.

There are a few things that you can do to try & reduce your fuel usage though; the more obvious things are running your tyres at the high end of what it says on your door placard, then there's changing the air filter & spark plugs, & leads, plus maybe get the injectors checked.

But at the end of the day, it's a petrol engine with 400K on it. It's never going to be economical to run.

Something that can make a bit of a difference to fuel usage is if the brake master cylinder is badly worn. A sign of this would be that the car stalls at idle occasionally?
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