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Old 10-01-2017, 04:25 PM
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Default P0238

I'm Samson from Malaysia, I'm driving Nissan Navara D40 Autech model 2006 - 2014 if I'm not wrong..

Just want to know how to solve this P0238 error code on Nissan Navara D40?
The error code is overboost.

What modified I have done is EGR removed and put a EGR Plate & changed Downpipe.
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Old 10-01-2017, 07:24 PM
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Welcome to the forum.

Have you measured the boost pressure? OBD bluetooth adapter + smartphone app will answer that fairly quickly. Expect around 10psi on normal cruising, 20psi on hard acceleration.

It might be overboosting - if your turbocharger control solenoid has failed (common problem) it could be holding the vanes in the "maximum" position. You would verify this by monitoring boost pressure and noting that it's always high and varies with engine speed rather than engine demand.

OBD adapters cost very little on eBay - make sure it's OBD-II and ELM327 (here is one example). This adapter will be useful for other diagnostics later, works in multiple cars too, and is a lot cheaper than the control solenoid (like this one).

There is also a chance that it's an electrical fault - battery terminal connections and ECU earth connections being the worst culprits for unexplained engine codes. Since it doesn't cost anything to clean them up, they're a great thing to try first!

Check out the FAQs by clicking here!

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