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TD27 Intercooler etc.
Old 19-10-2018, 02:00 AM
Boriskov Boriskov is offline
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Default TD27 Intercooler etc.

I'm chasing an inlet manifold, top mount OEM intercooler and rocker cover from a TD27, but it seems pretty hard to get hold of.

Does anyone have some to sell, or have any suggestions on how to get the stuff?

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Old 03-11-2018, 10:21 AM
Boriskov Boriskov is offline
Join Date: Jun 2017
Location: Sydney
Posts: 55

Well. I managed to find the parts I needed. I got a perfect condition intercooler, that Auspost kicked around and bent all the fins on. thanks you ****heads.

Upgrading a QD32 with an intercooler with Denco kit is a very "almost but not quite" ordeal. The turbo is about 10mm further than the intercooler is wide.

Cold side of turbo needs to be clocked vertically. Mounting the waste gate actuator is an ordeal. I ended up just getting one with a longer arm I could bend as I needed.

I used 10mm longer inlet and outlet pipes for the turbo, which would cope with the turbo being too far away, which causes the intercooler to be too close to the bonnet vent... So remove the metal shroud from the intercooler. (almost but not quite).

I drilled one of the bolts through into the intercooler and tapped for a barb to put the pressure sensor on. I'll change it for an elbow to give me a bit more bonnet clearance.

Still to do is mount the power steering reservoir, but that's a simple job for another day.

The end result is a decent looking intercooler install.

You would definitely get away with using the original QD32 rocker cover, but I plan to fit a thermo fan at a later date.

all parts came from a Terrano 2 2.7 diesel.

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