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The switch will be easier still if you grab a project box that will fit between the two panels and pass ALL of the wiring in there (both solar feeds and the output of the regulator). Will need to be a DPDT switch. These have 6 pins, 3 on each side. Pick a side and number the pins 1, 2, 3 from top to bottom and on the other (in the same direction call them 4, 5, 6.

Straight away pins 2 and 5 (the centre row) are your outputs that you can connect the existing wire+Anderson plug to.

Pins 1 and 4 (top row) get connected to the two solar panels directly AND to the regulator (so there'll be 3 wires on each of these).

Pins 3 and 6 (bottom row) get connected to the regulator's output.

So, when the switch is in pressed towards the bottom row (activating the connection between the top row and centre: power flows from solar panels to the Anderson plug directly. It also flows to the regulator but nothing is done with that.

Flick the switch and power flows into the regulator (because it's connected directly to the panels) and the regulator is connected to the Anderson plug.

Any 20A DPDT switch will do.

You could simplify it and use a SPDT switch, knowing that you must have an actual circuit for power to flow, but this nicely isolates everything.

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