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Problems after cleaning the intake manifold.
Old 08-01-2018, 01:34 PM
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Default Problems after cleaning the intake manifold.

G'day All,
I've just got back onto this site after being absent for a while and hoping that I can tap into some of the wealth of knowledge that exists here regarding the D22 ZD3.0 DDT turbo.
I just recently took off the inlet manifold and all associated parts to clean it and fit a catch can. The manifold was so gunked up, I reckon I have cleared the passages by more than 50%. When I put it back together I have a problem that I have never noticed before and that is that for about the first 5-10 km ( after initial start up) there is very little accelleration in all gears....ie from about 2000 rpm to about 2800 rpm it is pretty stagnant increase and very slow to accelerate. ( in 3rd cog it's most evident) I try to "wind it out a bit " hoping that it will respond...but it doesnt. It's like there is no turbo at all. Suddenly, after about 5 minutes of driving like this the turbo will kick in at just below 3000 or thereabouts and it takes off like a rocket,....(not quite, but more than I can remember that it ever did before I cleaned it ). That is such a distinct change. I am pretty happy with that improvement but I can never remember it being so sluggish at first start up prior to me pulling it apart. I am trying to work out what has happened or what I have changed. I have been wracking my brain and searching stuff in the manuals etc.
Can someone tell me please if the correct order / vacuum line destination..... for the 3 x solenoids on the manifold are as follows?.......Front most solenoid vacuum hose to the swirl valve actuator ( rear of engine closest to firewall) .....Middle solenoid to the air intake control actuator ( pipe coming out of the passenger side of the actuator ) .....Solenoid closest to firewall to the air intake control actuator ( top pipe ) ????
I saw an illustration diagram in the manual where the swirl valve control solenoid was represented in the linear diagram as "the solenoid in the middle", rather than the front most solenoid.
Also.......since each of those solenoids has 2 plastic pipes ( for in and out ) I want to be sure that I have the hoses on the right way. Is it true that the top pipe is for the hose to go to the actuator and the bottom pipe is for the hose coming from the vacuum pump ? ( I will attempt to post a pic to show if I have it acorrect and to show my catch can, which I was pretty happy with in the end !!! )
I was double guessing myself if I had put them back the way I got them off.
A couple other symptoms of abnormal activity in the engine when I put it back together are: It was high idling at about 1200 every now and then, sometimes reverting back to 730-750 really slowly.
Another noticeable change that I can't work out is that ...when I first turn on the key the "yellow squiggly line" ( glow plug indicator on the dash) stays on for anything up to 20 seconds , before it goes off. It always used to go off after about 2-3 seconds on initial start up. When the car has been driven for a while and the turbo is working, if I turn the ignition off and then on again the little glow plug "squiggly line" indicator icon, flashes off pretty instantly, like I remember it used to. Im steering towards identifying the problem as something to do with the ECM telling the engine that it "isn't ready yet for turbo operation" ...ie when it's cool still. I live in a hot climate, the engine never gets "cold" as such like it would in Victoria or Tas. I have had the car 8 years, it's a 2005 ZD3.0 turbo manual Dual Cab....done just shy of 250 000 km.
Sorry this is long winded but I wanted to describe as much as I could. Does anyone have any ideas on why the glow plug indicator is taking up to 20 seconds to register as "ready" when I first use the car for the day? Then I drive it and it is a sluggish through the gears and won't increase the revs past about 2100 ...or if I stay in that gear long enough ....it just goes up ever so slowly. When the turbo does kick in , the tacho shoots from 2800 to 4000.
Does this vehicle have a system that protects the engine from over-revving or applying the turbo for a period after initial start-up? ( coolant temp sensor related??)
Cheers for any help from anyone.
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Problem solvered!
Old 08-01-2018, 03:41 PM
gypsymike gypsymike is offline
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Default Problem solvered!

I was mucking around today under the bonnet, ( like I have been for the last few days) trying to figure out what is going on and why it is sluggish on initial start-up and I pressed the coolant temp sensor on a bit firmer....it seemed to be slightly disconnected. The glow plug indicator doesn't go on for the 20 seconds anymore , ( back to the 2-3 seconds) and when I just took it for a run tonight, it had immediate accelleration ...all good. No tendency to 'high-idle' anymore.
Something so simple!!!! Hope this benefits someone else one day....I know I learnt alot from this.....
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Old 08-01-2018, 11:35 PM
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Sensors man sensors

So small but so much impact when they're not working right

Fist thing to check after any mucking round in the engine bay is sensor plugs and vacuum lines

They can drive you bonkers no doubt
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