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Steering controls help needed
Old 09-05-2019, 09:40 AM
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Default Steering controls help needed

I recently bought a Spain spec VSK VIN number 07 twin cab D40 in South Africa and through various research decided that when I upgrade my radio, I would like to add some steering controls for the radio, I based everything pretty much on this video I saw by an Australian company where it was plug and play, they had a harness available for this upgrade as well which made it look real easy.


So I ordered the radio which is a kenwood ddx9905s, I ordered the harness from AUS and I started looking for the steering controls online as my Navara did not have them and had a blank console on the left of the steering wheel with the speed control on the right console. I found some steering controls on Ebay, and yes I should have done more research, but the ones I found looked really good, no scratches on them but they were the trip computer buttons, they did however have a volume spring switch as well as a source button so I though seeing that all these send out a signal and the radio giving you options to remap the switch on the radio to whatever you want it to be, that we could make this work.

Here are the ones I bought:

So we installed the stereo and wrongfully plugged the mini jack from the harness into the AV jack plug in the radio, we removed the airbag, put the new steering controls in as well as the new speed control, the Navara never had factory fitted steering controls.

What we noted:
*Speed controls work fine
*The radio under user interface has no menu for steering controls, not even a blanked out one so from all the videos I have seen online it looks like it needs a signal before it will bring a menu up on the radio for the steering controls.

So doing further research with me being super stupid with stuff like this, we noted that this radio has a blue wire with yellow stripe on it, labeled steering remote which we found in the manual and that it has no jack plug for steering controls:

What I noted afterwards:
*There are various types of setups for steering controls ranging from everywhere and different countries for the D40, some have different buttons to others
*All of these had different wires plugged in behind the airbag plug

We have tried everything we possibly could so far:

We started with just the volume switch and found 600 ohms measured volume up and 600 ohms volume down.
We have tried connecting the wires directly from the steering controls to the blue and yellow wire but it seems that it needs something else for it to come up and register an input on the radio.
We have taken the car to a stereo company and they mentioned that it goes through the can bus and that the car is not wired up for steering controls.
We emailed Kenwood asking what does the radio need to receive on the blue wire, is it a DC voltage, and they dont know.
We emailed axxess interfaces regarding the awsc1 remote module box and they said it wont work seeing that the car is not factory fitted and that their remotes taps into the wires just behind the radio.
We emailed the people that sold us the remote in AUS and they dont know.
We have tried multiple avenues to get wiring diagrams just to see where the wires go and what they need.

I have gone through various topics and just cant find an answer, the friend of mine where the car is at is determined that he will eventually make it work, he is really good with electrics and so.

Now my question, can this work or not or is this a wiring or computer issue that my Navara just doesn't have components for?
Where do the wires go once they leave the plug in the steering wheel and do they go through some module or computer before they return to the back of the radio?
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Old 09-05-2019, 10:34 AM
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Hey mate,

Welcome to the forum. It is an interesting topic, no doubt you will get help here.

I have a D22 which doesn't have anything available, but I would say with the factory fitted controls on the D40, they probably go through the body control module. Whether you can find a wiring diagram for it I couldn't say, but someone on here may have something. I'm pretty sure I have a D40 service manual on the computer at home so I will have a look and see if it has anything in it.

In the mean time, good luck.
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Old 09-05-2019, 11:24 AM
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Hi, the 2007 does have the steering control wires in the harness, they correspond to pins 15(gnd) 16(down) & 6(up) in the large head unit connector. I don't believe the controls on your model are connected to the CANbus at all, but are wired straight through and provide different resistance values dependant upon what key you press, that's how mine works anyway. Your new head unit does not have the usual key1, key2 wires that some aftermarket units have so you will need an interface adapter or special harness as in the video to connect it all up. Your new head unit will still need to have the capability to program the steering wheels keys as shown in the video. I have included an image below showing the wiring diagram.
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Old 09-05-2019, 11:57 AM
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Welcome to the forum.

I suspect your radio is possibly TOO modern for the car. My 2009 D40 doesn't use any CANBUS function for the radio, it's all separately wired in.

Even if you tried to create a module that took the steering control inputs and created CANBUS data appropriate to those inputs, the car itself doesn't understand that information and the ECU may just neglect to deal with it (or you could brick it, worst case).

I think there are two possibilities for you.

1) You return this stereo and get one that takes separately cabled inputs from the steering wheel control. Then you need to make sure the clock spring is passing the signal through and there is a cable in the dash that has those signals that can be plugged into or adapted into the stereo

2) Look at your current stereo and see if it supports an infra-red steering wheel control, then attach an infra-red remote to the steering wheel and put the infrared pickup somewhere near it but tucked away in the dash.

Hope that helps.

Check out the FAQs by clicking here!

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Old 09-05-2019, 01:06 PM
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You can give this a try, it is the whole av section from the d40 service manual. Even if you show it to your friend and see if he can do anything with it.

Good luck.


This might also be worth a look if no luck with getting your current setup working.


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Old 09-05-2019, 03:23 PM
Hugopta Hugopta is offline
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You guys have all been a huge help, thanks so much for all the suggestions, inputs and uploads.

I have found out that I will need a Kenwood module box to make all this happen and got this info from another Navara owner on a UK Navara Forum:


Here is what I posted:

So for I have noted that I need the CAW-RL2001 module box with either the universal harness CAW-DY2999 or the Navara harness for 2007 models and up CAW-NS2510.

I cant find the module box in model number 2001 separate, I can only find the 2000 model, so far from what I can see the 2000 model is the original steering remote box (https://www.kenwood.eu/car/accessori...te/CAW-RL2000/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KENWOOD-C...cAAOSwCPZb2Iwj) with the 2001 being the universal box, so from that information, I take it the 2000 wont work?

However I have found the CAW-RL2001 with the universal harness CAW-DY2999 together for 80 Euro's (https://powermusic.es/interface-mand...aw-dy2999.html)

I also noted that there is a Navara harness CAW-NS2510, which is 70 Euro's alone, no module box included, and this is the only place I could find it from https://www.toms-car-hifi.de/zubehoe...513/caw-ns2510

I just still have no confirmation if my Navara is wired for this with the resistors.
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Old 09-05-2019, 03:27 PM
Hugopta Hugopta is offline
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Another thing I just noted as well, in the manual for the CAW-NS2510, it specifies right at the top CAW-RL2000 and CAW-NS2510, so by the looks of it, the Navara harness is only compatible with the original steering remote box https://kasc.kenwood.com/files/prod/...CAW-NS2510.pdf
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