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No indercators or hazards
Old 07-08-2019, 10:04 AM
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Default No indercators or hazards

Hello all. Virgin member here. So yesterday i lost my indercators and was a blown fuse, put another 10a and blew. Put a 20 in and worked fine for abit while going to auto place then smelt burning n lost them again. Didnt blow fuse but nothing. Its a 2008 d22 2.5lt. Now ive PULLED everything apart and located relay behind aircon unit. That was melted and abit of damage. Ive since replaced this but nothing... we have found that there is a constant feed of 12v going thru the indercator system but cant seem to find any other visible fault... is there a second relay as this one seems to be more for the hazard lights then indercators... thanks. Regards Sullyduck87
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Old 08-08-2019, 09:53 PM
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There's a good chance that you've fried something else in the system. 20A is a fair bit of power to run through the wiring behind the dash, and heating it up to the point where you can smell it could easily result in the conductors in adjacent wires making contact with each other, forming an unpredictable connection.

You might have to examine the wiring looms more closely to see if that's happened.

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Old 09-08-2019, 02:50 AM
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Obviously if you blow a fuse, you just need a bigger fuse, try a 30 amp! (joking).

The diagram shows circuit as ignition switch > fuse > hazard switch > blinker canister/relay thingy (lol) > column indicator switch > lamps. So the canister gets supply through normally closed contacts in the hazard switch (that open when it is pushed in).

It might be worth bypassing this and see if you have blinkers then, could have fried the contacts (assuming there was a fault in the canister/relay that was originally taking out the fuse?). It shows terminals 1 and 2 for this. It also lists the hazard switch as possible cause in "faultfinding -no blinker or hazard function". Something to try at least. At any rate with ign on and hazard switch off, you should have 12V at blinker canister. If you find this is ok, might be a problem in the column switch?

It also shows the hazard function itself uses different fuse to the blinkers (straight from battery, not through ignition switch), so if the hazards won't go after/if you get the blinkers going, it might be kaput also.

ps. there is another relay labelled "multi-remote control unit", guessing it is for indication re remote locking/unlocking for vehicles that have this. It's just in parallel with column switch and looks like you could remove it and make no difference, don't think it would have any bearing on blinker operation.

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