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Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
How did you get on anyway shorty? Was it just crap i the tank? Pump alright?
Hey mate, yeah so after I changed the fuel filter for a second time the ICV% came back up, its sits a 35% warm idle which Nissan defines pretty much as the lower limit for normal operation. The diesel specialist guy who tested it said its unknown how long it will last, could go for years without problems or could go in a couple of weeks. So yes, the fuel filter was chock a block with debris causing a flow restriction. I did also use some liquimoly diesel injector cleaner straight through the pump when I had all the hoses off for replacement. But given the debris I could see in the fuel filter I am pretty well inclined to believe it was at max saturation at which point flow was impeded and hence the low ICV% I was seeing. I have never monitored the ICV% before as I don't have an ecutalk monitor mounted to my dash, all I do is hook the cable to a laptop for diagnostic tests etc, so potentially my icv% could have been 35ish for a long time so I have no idea if it has deteriorated at all since I have owned the car.

Given its about 5k for a new rebuilt pump installed a figure I am better off waiting till I actually get symptoms of it dying, or when I get back from this trip I could source a rebuilt pump and attempt the install myself, I am just not comfortable with keeping the timing correct, I know you have to put a dowel or something in the time gear to make sure the timing stays the same when the new pump is reinstalled.

Hopefully the pump will last the 11000km trip to the Kimberley and back, I have faith as the D22 is yet to let me down too badly.
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