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And the answer is ... they don't know, they've never had a problem with it switching modes and if it did, they'd send the box to a gearbox repairer.

I might have better luck at Challenge Bathurst in late November 2019, but I'm willing to bet you want an answer sooner! Most of the 370Z drivers were privateers at last year's event. We asked if he was worried about our little guy (who was getting a pic taken in the 370Z) touching stuff inside and his response was an eye opener. "We buy these cars knowing that we could drive them into a wall at 200km/h, we're not worried about what one kid might do inside when the keys are here" and he held up his hand with them.

However, a lot of these guys do all their own work on the cars and they really do know them backwards, so if you found a racetrack somewhere near you and looked up the schedule, you could try going down and asking some of the guys (if they're running privateer events). The teams that were here at the 12 Hour were international teams bringing BIG money to the event, with significant investment by Audi and Mercedes. Audi actually sent factory techs down for this event, they wanted to "cream the field". They were plagued with issues though, the R8 GT3 cars not able to maintain the pace alongside others. The big surprise was Aston Martin who entered two cars which looked great and went greater.

Sorry, that doesn't help a lot but might give you an avenue of inquiry.

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