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2002 D22 ZD30DT non-commonrail Navara Di Coolant Water boil & Crank cease
Old 05-03-2018, 01:09 PM
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Default 2002 D22 ZD30DT non-commonrail Navara Di Coolant Water boil & Crank cease

Hi guys - dads 2002 D22 ZD30DT non-commonrail Navara Di Coolant Water boil & Cranking via Starter Motor has ceases upon contact while under load ;

Coolant is boiling and overheating and returning back from Coolant Return Hose/Line (top hose) back into Radiator and over 'to' overflow bottle.

This is STILL happening after a Head Gasket Change ...

It doesn't seem to be loosing the water internally and steaming out the exhaust - BUT it does over flow out the overflow bottle and loose its coolant capacity that way.

I wonder if there's any way to determine a cracked head - even by testing pressure of radiator while still running on car..??

Also (most likely) a separate issue ... it has occurred at least 2-3 times where upon starting and cranking, the starter motor receives power from key turn and is trying to crank - under load - but not being able to push the turn over - like its stuck. We pushed her into the garage only to find her starting again once pushed in - weird.

Any help would be immensly appreciated,

Thanks in advance :)
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Old 05-03-2018, 02:27 PM
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Sounds a bit weird. Could be a crack between an exhaust port and water jacket in the head.

As for the cranking, I'd be checking the earth from the battery to the body and motor and make sure they are in good condition and clean. If you have to, remove them and put a wire brush on them to make sure they are properly clean and then refit them.

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Old 05-03-2018, 11:09 PM
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So the head gasket was replaced but not the head?
Was the head pressure tested and xrayed? While it was off?
If not, most likely there will be a crack somewhere in the head.

The starting issue could also be to do with coolant leaking into a cylinder and causin it to hydraulic lock?
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Old 06-03-2018, 05:33 AM
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very rare for head gaskets to fail. far far more common to crack a head.
also check the pistons. not uncommon to get cracked pistons. if you do have a cracked piston you will also need new injectors.

starter, probably just contacts in the starter. but checking battery connections and earths is easy and cheap.
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