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D40 rattle in dash
Old 09-01-2017, 04:28 PM
itaravan itaravan is offline
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Default D40 rattle in dash


At exactly 121 km/h (75 mph) I get a high frequency clicking / vibration in the dash somewhere around the steering wheel. At first I assumed it may be a speedo cable but the speedo is electric so its not that.

If you do 120 it goes away and if you do 122 it goes away. Our speed limit here is 120 so it works like an alarm :) or a seeing impaired driving aid :P

Any idea what that could be? I have recently changed tyres and its still there?

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Old 22-02-2017, 11:05 PM
fisher fisher is offline
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I had a vibration coming from my steering wheel which got worse over time. Replacing the clock spring fixed mine.
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Old 23-02-2017, 11:48 AM
Gcg7861 Gcg7861 is offline
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So I have two rattles, one of which may be the same as yours. Its on a 2013 D40.

At 110kmh I get a high pitch rattle, and this is actually the lock cylinder to the glove box. As you are driving and the rattle starts, push the cylinder in. On my D40 I havent been able to stop it permanently but WD40 helps for a few weeks.

Second rattle, this one is deep, and comes from the AC duct / back of dash and only happens if I rev up the car from 1500-2500 as it is in the grunt of the rev range. I havent figured what this is, but a friend who also has a D40 says, its just loose dash fixings way back in there, that vibrate as the ute revs up.
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Old 29-03-2017, 04:23 PM
itaravan itaravan is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2017
Location: South Africa
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Its annoying, I have also developed another that sounds like a cricket... swear I am going to take a stethoscope to the car
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