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Google Maps on Standard Nissan Head Unit
Old 25-07-2017, 09:52 AM
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Default Google Maps on Standard Nissan Head Unit

Has anyone on here got Google Maps running on their standard Nissan navigation head unit?
It is possible for not that much money really. I've been looking at the options and it appears entirely possible to have an Android interface including touch screen control using the standard Nissan display.

The first bit of hardware required would be a video interface unit available from Car Solutions for US $190.00

To connect this unit we also need an interface cable available from Car Solutions for US $20.00 which will splice the video interface in between the stock head unit and stock display screen.
Using a WiFi mirror box connected to the video interface will allow an Android phone to be wirelessly connected and it's screen mirrored on the stock display screen. Available from about US $35.00 when shopping around.

Then to use the original touch screen to control the Android phone this little Australian made gadget is needed from Customgadz for US $149.00

All up cost of hardware required around US $400.00 plus a bit of shipping to get your Android phone to display on your car screen and be controlled from your car screen. Giving the advantage of always up to date Google Maps and any other Android apps you would like to use.

Seems pretty simple. Or am I missing something?
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