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Central locking and the engine light
Old 13-01-2020, 01:03 PM
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Default Central locking and the engine light

2002 ST-R 3.0l td manual
Hey guys, A new battery, a new alternator plus many hours of checking for a parasitic draw has been futile, a day after full charge if not driven the car is dead, I pulled the negative off and did the old school test light and she glows like a firefly so I know there's a problem but the usual pull the fuses doesn't find it, that being said I pulled the central locking for the remotes while checking it and dumba*s that I am I forgot to plug it back in, the engine light was flashing and after I rechecked everything, found the unit unplugged so I plugged it back in and the engine light went out, woohoo, but now its interesting, the remote unit is not connected to power, earth wire is grounded, unplug it and the engine light flashes, plug it in and the engine light goes out, so please oh mighty sages of the Navara help a lowly mortal solve this parasitic demon that plagues me, my last resort is to burn it in sacrifice.
Thanks for your help in advance guys and girls.

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Old 17-01-2020, 06:07 AM
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Ok Chubb, let's try and clear things up a little:

* If the central locking device is unplugged, the parasitic draw is gone
* If you plug the central locking device back in, the parasitic draw returns?

I have two questions.

1) Have you measured the parasitic draw in amps? You need to put an ammeter on the battery negative (connect one side to battery negative, other side to the lead) and check the current load while the central locking device is unplugged then plugged in.

2) Have you tried unplugging any of the door solenoids to see if the parasitic draw drops? You might have a bad solenoid.

Sorry I can't be of much more help. I didn't know a 2002 D22 had central locking, it might be an aftermarket thing, but I could be mistaken there (not an expert on the D22).

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