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D22 ZD30ddt fault 0407 even with new Crank angle sensor
Old 25-03-2020, 12:52 AM
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Default D22 ZD30ddt fault 0407 even with new Crank angle sensor

Hi guys, theres a lot of threads around the 0407 fault but mine is seeming rather unique. Reaching out to see if any of you have experienced this.

2006 zd30ddt d22

only fault code 0407 crank angle sensor.

Drove it into the garage to remove some tools from the back with no issues, even remarked to my partner how reliable the ute had been. then 2 hours later jumped in to move it from the garage and it would not start. I had a mobile mechanic come out and fault test it and it showed "Crank angle sensor". So we ordered a new one from nissan (genuine part) installed the part expecting it to fire, still nothing.

It has a fuel diesel tank, fuel to the pump (nothing to injectors as obviously not receiving signal to squirt) batterys fully charged, starter engages fine, timing chains turning when cranking, no water in the diesel filter (pumps up hard no worries) so as far as i can tell this is an electrical gremlin!

One thing I have noticed is there is no constant power supply to the Crankangle sensor (once again no blown fuses etc) any idea what this might be??? it still sends a signal when cranking according to multi-metre.

Ive read a lot that the injector pump on these have a tendancy to play up with the sensor inside them, as its a expensive exercise i really want to rule out a electrical fault with the crank angle sensor before i go down that road. Once again only fault is 0407 crank angle sensor (no injector pump faults of anykind)

Any of you legends come across a fault like this before or got a direction to point me in???

Cheers - Locky
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