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Why, 180k later?
Old 06-12-2017, 11:05 PM
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Default Why, 180k later?

D40 06 auto 2.5

Back in 2011, when i first joined the forum, i documented here, the severe torque converter shuddering at 90/100kph when under load. the topic has been reported a few times by others over the years, yet i haven't heard from anyone who has had it fixed properly, so I have just lived with it over the years. I bought the car at 60k, the problem surfaced shortly after, car now has 240k.
Well, sometime in the last few weeks, the shuddering has disappeared completely, fingers crossed, for good. Nothing had ever been done to the auto trans, or T/C, not even a service?
Damn electrickery is suspect!

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Old 07-12-2017, 11:00 AM
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Nobody was ever quite clear on why the TCC wouldn't fully engage (which is what causes the shuddering). I've always suspected it may have had something to do with the machining of the part not being quite right causing it to stick.

What if yours has suddenly worn enough to no longer stick?

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Old 07-12-2017, 11:06 PM
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haha, maybe the old girl is just running herself in, again. on a side note, it feels like a new car again after replacing the vac hoses!
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Old 08-12-2017, 09:35 AM
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Yea mine did that, shuddered when it was at 30-50,000 ks then stopped

I put it down to frequent trans fluid changes but who knows
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