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With regards to socketing the ecu I spent some time googling "soldering smd" and watching videos and thought "doesn't look to hard". I bought a soldering station with a hot air gun, some sockets and ecu's from ebay and had a crack and totally butchered the first two, thought right I've got it now, and tried a third which worked for the first 200 mtrs then died.
Believe me it isn't as easy as it looks, so some more googling and I found two companies that work on ecu's. I talked to a tech at a place in Melbourne and he said they don't do anything like socketing so I rang Kevin at Efi autoparts in Perth and he said he could do it. He's done two Navara ones for me and a Patrol one which I haven't tried yet ( any Patrol owners wanna be a guinea pig?) He charges $176 to remove the chips and solder in sockets which is cheaper than doing what I did butchering 3 ecu's. This fella in Adelaide can socket ecu's as well for $100.
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