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D22 ZD30 Oil Pressure sender
Old 10-05-2019, 05:52 AM
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Default D22 ZD30 Oil Pressure sender

Hi there, I am new to this, so please go easy on me if this is already asked elsewhere.

I have a 2005 Navara, D22, ZD30 and the oil pressure light has come on and wont go away.

there i splenty of oil, and when the filler cap is open it has enough pressure to shoot oil out the hole and everywhere.

I have found that when I remove the wire from the sender the alarm clears.

Measuring the sender to ground, I see with the engine off:

0 ohms from the connector through the sensor to the engine ground ( a closed circuit)

With the engine running, 6 MOhms across the sensor.

When i ground out the wire that attaches to the sensor the alarm clears.

Anyone seen this? anyone know what the reading across the sensor should be when the engine is running? I suspect the sensor is stuffed, but I would like to know others experience.

Also, I cant seem to find out for sure if the D22 ZD30 has a second sensor near the turbo, or a resistor in the kick-panel, there is conflicting info online, and I cannot find a 2nd sensor, or a resistor under the dash.

Cheers, thanks in advance
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Old 15-05-2019, 09:07 AM
Horatius Horatius is offline
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I measured mine out of curiosity with an auto ranging dmm. With engine off= 0 ohms. With engine idling= "OL" megohms. So it looks like it should be a complete open circuit at pressure.

Looks like your sensor might be faulty. No other oil sender that I know of on a zd30. Which doesn't mean there isn't, only that I don't think there is.

ps. There is also the possibility your sender is fine and your car has low oil pressure. Worth changing the sender and kicking it over as that's the most likely problem, wouldn't be driving it until you get it sorted though.

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Old 15-05-2019, 09:28 AM
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I do recall there being threads about this previously. The most common thing seemed to be water or dirt in the electrical connection to the sender. Could also be corrosion in there causing bad contact.
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