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19-10-2014, 01:43 PM
Hey everyone hope you're all well and having fun.... i've been away a couple of years (had a new Baby -- Hannah she's now 2 yrs)) so started on my navvy again now i have a bit of time...

here's what she used to look like


2 years ago


and now


anyhow ... i've had a r180 in my shed with a lokka diff i put in it... for 3 years and am going to put it in the car next week...


my question comes from a strange thing i found when i dismantled the diff to put the lokka into the diff...

diff experts will know that you put oil in a diff so it won't die.... anyway this diff came from a wrecker but had no oil in it for several years... the gears, bearings and such are in excellent condition but the strange thing is that there's no hole in the side of the diff where the extension tube marries to the diff itself for oil to flow into the extension tube and lube the outer bearing ... It actually has an oil seal there????

i was wondering if anyone knows if the outer end of the diff extension tube runs a sealed (greased bearing ) or what am i thinking ????


On the book schematic it's listed as an outer rear bearing???


thanks very much for all your replies guys...

I'll post more on this as i go..